Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Climb that ladder Bitch!

"You can rise above your family."

Wise words (insert sarcasm here) from the Nutritionists that I went to see because all my "levels are high".
I was trying to explain to her why to me an apple or any piece of fruit is not a "snack" food. In my family a snack was a homemade cookie, or granola square. Not a handful of grapes like it was in F's family.
I was already on the defense as it was, and her comment completely shut me down.
Not very mature, or open minded, I know. But it just rubbed me the wrong way. It is not like I come from a family of tax evaders or insurance defrauders or ponzi schemers. We're cookie eaters for pete's sake! "Rise above" just makes it sound like my family is criminal rather than perhaps maybe having bad snacking habits
Needless to say I canceled my next appointment with theNutritionists.
Besides, she didn't tell me anything I really didn't already know from TV or magazines.
Less red meat and fat. Knew it.
More fruits and veggies. Also, knew it.
More excerise. Who doesn't know it?

It's not the knowing, it is the doing that makes the difference. I have a problem with the doing, not the knowing.
If you can tell me a way to make veggies taste good, I'm all, uh, eyes.

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Mrs. D said...

That sucks. :-( I hate it when people in positions of "authority" are insensitive like that.

My favorite way to make veggies taste good is stir fry. You can mix them with all sorts of delicious sauces (many that aren't bad for you - although there are many that are not great!) and sometimes slice in some lean beef or chicken.

The other way to make veggies tasty is to coat them in a little extra virgin olive oil, salt, and pepper and grill them (or bake them in your oven). Yum.

You can do it! There are lots of ways to make veggies yummy.