Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Um, NO!

Remember Mrs. Nosey? I just ran into her in the kitchen. She was eating leftover cake that someone had left on the counter. Directly out of the box. Over the box in fact so the crumbs fell back INTO the box. Eating directly from the cake. With the same fork. Over and over again.
I feel sick.
This is something you might do AT HOME. Where you are most likely RELATED to the other people who will eat the cake. Not at work where other, non-related, people may eat the cake. GAG!

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mom2lo said...

I am beside myself with disgust. That is so totally wrong on so many levels. ((gag)) It grosses me out to think that there are people like that out there! We had a lady at my office who would brush her teeth at the shared kitchen sink instead of going into the bathroom like normal people.

Ugh. Weirdos suck.