Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Color of Money

I woke up hungry and convinced myself on the ride into work that if I didn't stop at McDonald's I'd die before lunch. McDonald's is pretty much, literally across the street from us, more kiddy-corner, but anyway, I HAVE to drive by it on my into the office. I made the decision on the highway off ramp and swung the truck into the drive-thru. You know my one true breakfast love from McDonald's is the #6, Bacon, egg, cheese MCGRIDDLE, heaven and death in a hand sized bundle, oj, no coffee, PLEASE! I roll up to the drive-thru pay window and hand over my $20 spot. (amazing, I had cash on me! plus, most ATMs don't give out 10s anymore.) Last time I was there, the cashier did the whole "light test" where she held it up to the light looking for the little strip thingie. I thought that was a bit much for a $20, but what do I know? I'm no longer in the retail business, so I don't know, counterfeiting might be hitting McD's hard. This time? This time she scanned my $20 with some thing. SCANNED IT. BOTH SIDES. I couldn't believe it! What is that all about? Where can I get me one of those? And what does it say about the area I work in that McD's is scanning the CASH, yo?????


O.G. said...

You should be happy you passed. Otherwise you'd be digging through the ashtray for enough change to eat that tasty McGriddle.

DevilsHeaven said...

True true.