Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Um, wait? But! ***UPDATED***

So the ladies that decided for everyone about the mile stone birthday, decided that the office of the person needed to be decorated. But the lady who was suppose to have the decorations just up and left. With not a word to myself and G, who said we'd stay late the night before and decorate.
What is that? How can you make a decision, tell people what to do, and then not give them the stuff they are suppose to do it with???
So now we get to wait and see what the fallout will be when the others come in the morning and there are no decorations.

They all came in early and decorated. But never mentioned the plan change to G and me. Not a word was spoken about who did what, or why it wasn't done the night before. The one lady who decided we needed a speciality cake, also decided that she wanted cake NOW! because SHE was hungry, so we had cake sans G who arrived a few minutes later. Oooooooooook.

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mom2lo said...

These folks are totally lame. Seriously.