Friday, March 20, 2009

Still Surprised By It

F and I were at the eye doctor the other day. His appointment was before mine so I got there a little later. The receptionist blindsided me with several “Your Husbands”. “Oh your husband is already here.” “I’ll put that under your husband’s heading.” “I’ll use the same insurance card as your husband’s.” It totally stunned me. I’m still not use to other people referring to F as my husband. Me? I refer to him that way all the time. I enjoy saying it. “My husband.” It’s the “Your Husband” that I’m still getting accustomed to. I think part of it is because I feel like everyone doesn’t know (outside of family and co-workers, and people who read the announcement in my small hometown paper, of course) and I want it to still be my little “TA-DA….. I’m MARRIED!!!!!” and when they come out of the gate with “Your Husband” it kind of steals my long awaited thunder.
Selfish? Yeah, maybe. I waited along time to have a husband, and I’m not quite ready to share the announcing part of it with anybody else yet.
I still get misty looking at the wedding pictures too.
So sue me.

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