Thursday, March 05, 2009

How Do You Do That?????

Texting while working out. This was something new. I’d heard about those crazy kids these days, texting while driving. Seriously, that is not a smart thing to do. But there she was, on the elliptical next to me, texting away. On a regular cell. Not one of those full keyboard ones, like what I have now(way cool), but a regular old, 3 letters to a key, cell. She’d get a message, turn down her iPod, spend several minutes sending back a lengthy response, put the phone back, turn the iPod back up and continue working out. All while not breaking her stride. It was mesmerizing. I am completely envious of her abilities. I thought I could multi-task with the best of them, but she truly put me to shame.
The girl next to her had on sound cancelling headphones. They looked so bulky and outdated, even though they were shiny new. Amazing how your perceptions change.
Ah, to be young again and not have to worry about losing your balance on the elliptical.


Anonymous said...

haha. I totally thought you were talking about me! I was guilty of texting and working on the eliptical just the other day. But I would have much rather just worked out. I was trying to get the other person to stop texting me without being rude. haha

Ducking Little said...

All I have to say is, do some Pilates before you attempt running and texting.. It will improve your balance. However it will do nothing to prevent you from crashing into a street lamp.