Monday, March 01, 2010

Reading Comprehension, TRY IT

We have a.....................


named [redacted]

Everyone is ok, waiting on e-mail from [the mother] for further info!!!!

That is the e-mail I sent to our staff late the other night after a co-worker sent me text telling she'd had her baby.

I hadn't heard anymore, so I didn't send another e-mail. So you can imagine the slight irritation I felt when a co-worker came to me mid-morning and asked me, "Have you heard anymore from [the mother]????"

I actually said, "No. I said in my e-mail..." but she CUT ME OFF before I could finish my sentence.

Do people just NOT pay attention anymore to what they read? I'm very good about informing people of things, so if I said I would send another e-mail when I got more info, I'LL SEND THE FRACKIN' E-MAIL!!!!

Sweet baby Jesus, give me patience!!!!

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