Thursday, March 11, 2010

So Long Turkey

F and I went out to lunch over the weekend to Arby's.  LOVE me some curly fries!!! Anyway, we had coupons, buy one, get one free. So we got 2 turkey bacon subs and 2 chicken sandwiches with the idea that I would take the extra sub to work for lunch. F was manning the tray as we got up to leave.
(do you see where this is going?)
He tips it all into the trash as I watch with baited breath, my voice caught in my throat. As he turns towards me I wish and hope that my untouched sub was hidden from my preview in his other hand. Alas, it was not!
Me: "Honey!!!!"
F: "What?"
Me: "You just threw out my sandwich!!!!"
F: *befuddled stare* "Wha? I did? Oh, I'm sorry."
Me: *blink* *heavy sigh* *eye roll* wait for him to attempt to dig it out. (is that wrong? It was still completely in it's wrapper. and it would have been on top.)

Needless to say he did NOT attempt to dig it out, but he did keep apologizing on the way out to the car.
I was really looking forward to that sub damn it.


Lo said...

Oh, c'mon now.....that sandwich should have been safely in your purse before either of you raised up to leave the place. Forgetfulness can be forgiven.....helplessness and dependency never.
Sorry if I sound harsh....I am a hermit and have no one to carry my tray.

DevilsHeaven said...

Sorry to hear that. I don't what size purse you carry, but there's no way in hell that the sub would have fit in mine.