Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Am Shocked, and Horrified

A simple question to CCW turned into a full blown rage session on her part. She informed me, strictly on the D.L., that our IT person has been caught in the act of reading other people's e-mail. On their computer. During the WORK DAY. Granted the power an IT person has to peep on their co-workers can be quite overwhelming I would imagine.

But to engage in such behavior in full view of everyone is just beyond ballsy. Especially when one of the people that busted you in their e-mail, used to be YOUR BOSS. And could still have boss like info. about your funky butt in their e-mail. I always figured the IT would look at the stuff we've placed on our hard drives and even the shared drives. But to peruse e-mail! Be it work or not, is completely unacceptable. Apparently this has been going on for YEARS. And CCW warned me to clear my computer, and to make sure if the IT person was doing any work on my computer that I be there, vigilant, as it's done. For the most part, this is my common practice. But the IT person has access to everyone's computer for weekend maintenance. I am truly blown away by the audacity and boldness. BOARD DAYLIGHT!!! With the person COMING BACK to their desk!!! Not even checking the e-mail as UNREAD so it would still appear as, well, Unread!

I'll be password protecting everything I can from now on. Not that it'll do much good.

Have any of you encountered something like this in your office? Someone blatantly abusing their power to intrude on privacy?

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