Monday, July 13, 2009

Captain Spanx

Remember the battle of bulge vs Spanx that I had at SES's wedding? Well that battle was fought again while we were Back East.

It was HOT. The humidity was high. (do we notice a pattern here?) and MIL and FIL do not believe in the advent of A/C. (they had one window a/c unit that they ran while the windows were open.) I was confined into a very small room with one high velocity floor fan. Once again I did the yank and tug dance as F stood by waiting. I had asked him to be on standby when those last few crucial inches needed to be bridged. I'm sure his mother was wondering what was going on. The craziness of it all finally hit me and I began to giggle.
F:"This is NOT funny." he challenged.
Me: "It is. It is because it is so pathetic. Now please tug."
This time, having learned my lesson, the seams were in the proper place. The battle also took less time because I'd fought it once already.
Break down from insanity.
Thank goodness this battle won't have to be fought again until mid-
August when we have a wedding to attend.
Please, I beg, let our hotel have good a/c this time!!!!

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