Friday, July 03, 2009

Mmmm, Tasty!!!

I was standing in an open office area talking to my friend, GA, when I felt a sharp quick pain on my neck. I swiped my hand against the area thinking my shirt or my earring was pointing me. Then GA gasped.

GA: "*GASP* OMG, DH! What IS THAT!!!!"
Me: "OW! What?"
GA: "LOOK!!! That THING was on you!!!"
Me: "OMG!!! OW! It BITE me!!!"
GA: "Is it a wasp?....... I don't think it's a wasp. ..........I'm going to kill it!"

a box is grabbed and a rather weak swat is taken at the crazy looking bug.

GA: "I don't think this is going to work! OMG! (she skips back as the bug falls to the floor.) We need to kill it!"
Me: "I'll get the spray!!"

Our office is notorious for having wasps and what-not flying about during the summer, so we have a stash of wasp killing spray in the kitchen.

I grab the spray only to find the stupid thing won't work.

Me: "It won't work!!! How are we going to kill it!?!?!?!?!"

At this point a 3rd co-worker shows up, announces she'll kill it with a wad of paper towel and proceeds to do so. GA and I thank her as she exits the area.

GA: "DH, your neck, it's red, does it hurt?"
Me:" YES! dang, it itches, I can feel the bump."
GA: "We should put ice on it, that will help."
Me: "Ok."

She makes an ice pack for me, which I apply to my neck. I head out to the bathroom to check out the damage in the mirror and come face to face with my boss and a few other co-workers who all give me puzzled looks because I have a wade of paper towel pressed to my neck.

Me: "I was bite! See????" I say as I remove the paper towel icepack.

Collective horrified *GASP*

Me: "That is NOT encouraging !!!!"

Collective shrug

The bump wasn't that big, but it hurt and itched pretty badly. One of the co-workers fished this out of the First Aid kit which I held to the bite until I could hold it no more. The bump is GONE. The PAIN is gone. Safetec Sting Relief is AMAZING!!!!!
Bless you Safetec Sting Relief, BLESS you!!!
I also took 2 Benadryl to keep a potential face swelling from occurring and now I'm so wiped out from it my legs are twitching and I'm doing all I can to stay awake. I think it has affected me even more because I keep feeling like something is on me and is biting me.

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Raz said...

I need some of that stuff, I've never been stung by a bee/wasp and the very idea of it terrifies me, it'd be nice to have something around that made everything happy and sunny again.

Nice to hear you've knocked yourself out, though! Always a good sign.