Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Dinner of Text

Text Message from F: "If I don't go do my hobby I will make an awesome dinner recipe from PW.com and co-worker."

By PW.com F means Pioneer Woman. I have printed MANY a recipes from her site and I'm constantly telling him about it. We also made this sandwich for my family once and F was HOOKED on PW's cooking.
When I got home he proceeded to tell me how great the dish that "Pastor Ryan made" looked when his co-worker had the leftovers for lunch. It cracked me up that he knew who Pastor Ryan was. Needless to say, he DID NOT make dinner that night, but promises he'll make it soon because he's gone out and bought all the ingredients for it.
I did not know however that he actually goes out and READS her blog every now again. We even discussed the fact that she went to BlogHer and spoke. I of course had to explain what BlogHer was, F has only just gotten his toes wet where reading Blogs is concerned.

Which were THIS Blog is concerned, is a good thing.

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