Thursday, January 03, 2008

Horrified Bride

So I'm in the midst of writing the post about F and mine trip back East when I get an e-mail from a friend about my wedding dress. So I'm putting the whole "My in-laws are whack" post on the back burner in order to express my horror and out right DISGUST over what is available to a "Plus Sized Bride". Which is actually the name of the site my friend, who is also "plus sized", sent me: First? That right there? Degrading. Yes, I have a weight issue. I know this, I've accepted it (most days anyway), but that doesn't mean I'm blatant about it. It's one of those unspoken things, like the huge zit on a co-worker's face, you notice it, but you don't say anything about it as you try extremely hard not to stare at it. This site is devoted to the staring. Which, ok, fine, we need a place we can look for dresses fully clothes and unembarrassed by the size ZERO who has a dozen clips on her to help pull her size 4 dress together so it doesn't slip to the floor. I'm not so upset over the site, it's more of what they are offering that concerns me. A woman, ANY woman, who has a large chest, NEEDS STRAPS. The LAST thing a bride needs to be messing with all day is hitching up her dress and her boobs. And several of these dresses meet that need. BRAVO.
However, again, ANY woman who is petite doesn't need a Gone with the Wind sized dress which requires several crinolines.
For example:

And is this one marrying a vampire?

Is she the bride, or the flower girl?

This is just asking for under arm fat to pop up, or extra boob to pop out.

This one isn't that bad, but again, HITCHING UP BOOBS, AAAALLLLLL

This just cuts her in the wrong spot on her chest.

Now this dress, this dress is the one I love, THE ONE. It looks great on me, has excellent support and covers and eliminates all chances of back fat. Covered buttons ALL the way down the back. *La Sigh*

The model is a little freakish though. Too bad it's WAY more than I want to spend.

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Clink said...

Oh man. Some of those are HARSH.

I love the one you love - maybe you can find something similar in your price range?

Oh, and thank god I had a private room while trying on dresses, as seeing the size zeros drowning in the sample sizes would've put me over the edge.