Friday, January 25, 2008

Too Much!!!

I am having a crisis.

A dress crisis.

A bride's maid dress crisis.

I thought I was all set. Had the dress picked out, and the color. Bordeaux. With Melon accent.

Then, as I was e-mailing my friend to ask her to do their "try-on" option, I saw the price.


Um, yeah, $195 for a bride's maid dress. So now? I. am. Freaking. OUT. My friends don't have that kind of money. I can't ask them to pay that kind of money, PLUS shoes, and maybe a wrap. Plus a present and hotel. So I went back to David's Bridal. And they have a dress I liked to begin with, just not in the color I love.

This one? $135. A tad bit better. And I do like the color. But I've already told my friend she could wear sleeves. Does a wrap come in this color? Well, of course not. Seriously, how can you NOT have matching wraps in EVERY color you offer? As for my love of the 2 tone option? They offer it, but again, it's just not the same colors. This makes me sad. I need dresses, and ones that won't break the bank. And I have every body type represented in my party as well.
So I need something for EVERYONE!
Can I ask them to pay that amount? After all, I paid $250, and that was 5 yrs ago. But I really wanted to keep it cost effective.
But I REALLY love the color Bordeaux. With the Melon accent.
I need a drink.
Any suggestions? PLEASE!


Princess of the Universe said...

Can you find the pattern for the dress you love and get it made by a dress-maker? I've done that for weddings before and it is generally a LOT cheaper than buying it in a bridal shop.

Clink said...

Oh lady, I hear you. Bridesmaids dresses were the bane of my existence until we finally chose them on Saturday.

I agree with Princess of the Universe - a dress-maker might be the way to go!