Thursday, February 04, 2010

God Help Me

Scene: Early morning interior of a gray felt walled cubicle.

Enter stage left: Crazy Co-Worker: "DH!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Me: "Huh?" as I swivel in my chair to face her.

CCW: "THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" she points excitedly at the other side of my desk.

Me: "Wha???" as I turn back to my desk looking around confused.

CCW: "THE BABY THING!!!!!" she sings as she dances over to my desk and picks up a Babies-R-Us coupon sitting there.

Me: "What? That??? OMG, CCW, I brought that in for S. (one of the 3 currently pregnant women in our office.)


Me: *annoyed sigh* as I turn back to my computer: "Yes. I'm. sure."

CCW: "OH! Well, I just thought that was your way of telling me you were pregnant."

Me: "Uh, NO. I got it in the mail and brought it in for S."

CCW: "Oh. Well. You were gone for 2 days so, you know, maybe, you came back pregnant."

Me: "NO."

CCW: "Ok. Well, I just thought, anyway, I'll just go back to my desk (as she starts to walk away). Just thought after you was gone for two days.....*mumble*  *mumble*
(like I would even know if I was 2 days pregnant)

Seriously people? She thought I'd tell the entire office I was pregnant by placing a COUPON on my desk???????


What do you think she'd come to as a conclusion if I placed coupons for Jim Beam on my desk?


Tracy said...

Maybe you should have played along until she had told everyone then looked at her as if she is insane & asked her in front of everyone where she got such a silly idea from.

Anonymous said...

Wow - talk about jumping to conclusions! Sounds like she is a little baby crazy.