Monday, February 23, 2009

Color Wheel

Remember Crazy Co-Worker? She of pant leg plucking and off the wall comments? Well, she continues to strike, and I could probably keep a blog just about the things she says, I'd be posting daily if not hourly, but that's too much like work. Anyway, picture it, a medium sized conference room, semi-lite with spotlights, the table surrounded by women in a work meeting......

CCW in a half whisper: "DH! I like the color of your hair right there. (pointing to a spot on her head.) What color is it?"

Me: *silent shrug with confused face*

CCW still half whisper: "Really? You don't know? It's kinda of coppery, real pretty. (i was sitting under one of the spot lights, who's hair doesn't change color under direct light, hmmmm???) You sure you don't know the color??"

Me: *silent shrug* *confused face* *head shake* (mind you, we are in an on going STAFF MEETING and she is sitting across the table from me)

CCW: *nudges person sitting next to her*: "Don't you think that section there (waves finger pointing at her own head) of DH's hair is real pretty? She says she doesn't know the color. HMPH, how do you not know the color???"

Me: *sigh* "I just tell the woman what I want it to look like and she does it, I don't ask for details."

CCW: "HMPH, you don't ask! Well it looks pretty!! Sure you don't know?"

Me: "No, I don't know."



SassyTwoSocks said...

What a bitch! I don't know how you deal with it...

DevilsHeaven said...

She's a tad crazy, so usually I just let it go. Aruging with a crazy person is pointless, ya know?

Rachel said...

Was the whole office as intrigued as she was by your hair color? Jeez - I have no idea what color my hair is, because when I am sitting with foil all over my head I do not speak or pay attention to others speaking.

Sounds like she would be prime for some friendly office pranks. Superglue comes to mind as a useful tool.