Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Married Him Anyway

Over the weekend I made a cake. And because I was feeling out of sorts, I made a cake I knew I would enjoy (in other words, screw everyone else this is what i want to eat). My FAVORITE; Yellow cake with Chocolate frosting. I got many compliments on it, even though F turned off the oven shortly after I had put it in; so the top half was more dense than the moist and fluffy bottom half. Rebaking apparently has this affect.
Anyway, F tells me later: "I really liked that cake, except I could have done without the frosting."
Me: "What?"
F: "You know how I feel about chocolate."


After a year of marriage this still dumbfounds me.
He will eat candy bars, but very rarely. And usually only the fun sized ones or bites of mine.

Then again, as he was finishing the very last piece of cake:  "Really like this cake DH. Except for the frosting."

Is it a cake if it has no frosting????????????

How??.....I just.......But.....CAKE!!!.....FROSTING!!!!.....MUST. HAVE. TOGETHER!!

I guess though, more chocolate for me, RIGHT????

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Anything Fits A Naked Man said...

You know what? My husband is not a fan of chocolate, either!! (I KNOW!!!!) He prefers vanilla. Ironic, because his personality is FAR from vanilla!

But, like you said, more chocolate for US!!