Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What Do You Say???

Remember awhile back when I told you things were changing in my division?? I was worried and concerned, but it turned out the change was GOOD. G got us some training. And honestly, she is a pretty good boss. Another change was made. Our big boss went to part time and has one day off a week. We all knew this meant she was on the road outta town, after all, she only signed on for a certain number of years and those had past. This has been going on for about a year now.

A few months ago meetings behind closed doors started happening. When Crazy Co-Worker and I would express our issues with G she would tell us to "be patient".
 Change was afoot.
That change has now STEPPED UP and shown itself.
Our big boss is now G. She is the BOSS of our division instead of just CCW and me. And our "old" boss? She has been moved to "special projects" and will be going even more "part time" than she is now.

While CCW and I smile and sign to ourselves, others are NOT AT ALL HAPPY. Retirements, which have been a long time coming in some cases, have been announced.

The question I pose to you, my digital friends is, What should I say to my old boss? I've given G my congratulations. But what about old boss? Congrats on your downsizing?? Lucky you! You figured out how to continue to screw our system???

I mean seriously, what do you say?????

I'm all ears here people. Help me out!!!


Tracy said...
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Tracy said...

Just say something simple like " all the best with your new position".

Anonymous said...

Well, hopefully since she's become so much more part time, you never see her. In all seriousness, a simple Congratulations is probably all that's needed.