Friday, February 13, 2009

Not For The Public

I joined Face Book. I had no idea how many people are on there. And I find it weird that people I wasn't friends with in the past(the "in crowd kids") want to be "friends" now. But then never make comments on what have you on your page. Or we weren't friend in the past, and now that I said "yes" to their friends' request, all I get from them is request for more crap. Join this group! Give this FLARE! Save this animal! LOOK AT ME!!!!
Honestly? I just got on there because one friend, who I don't get to talk to or see much, asked me to join so we could keep in touch. Now, I'm kinda into looking up people from my past to see what they are up to. It's weird.
Anyway, I think some people are way too into it. The "What are you doing now?" section for some people is a minute by minute update. I honestly don't care that you are watching TV. Or starting dinner. Granted, I have put some stupid stuff up there, but not the kind of stuff I REALLY want to say. I mean, F's family is linked into this! MY family is linked into this. Ok, my family knows me so no big, but still.

Things not to post on your Face Book "What Are You Doing Now?" Section:

DH is.........

1) .....Farting up a storm because I had Mexican for lunch.

2) ......Suffering from major PMS cramps.

3) ......Wishing my husband would stop calling me at work about stupid stuff.

4) ......Trying to figure out how the hell to keep the new shoes I just bought out of my husband's line of sight.

5) ......Wishing Miss Needy would stop sending me FB requests and updates.

6) .......Thinking So and So sure got ugly after high school, did you see the updated pic? YIKES!!!

7) ........Thinking So and So might be a serial killer/tower sniper. Have you SEEN the stuff on their FB page?!?!?!

8) ......Horny.

9)...... Dreading the Holidays spent with the In-Laws.

10)...... Ready to start drinking while on the job, because of the job.

What stuff would you like to post on your Face Book "What are you doing Now?" section but can't because of who can see it?


Shila Shila and Cult Jam said... completely exhausted from that orgy last night. Even my good-girl is saying "Shila - that's ENOUGH!!!"

SassyTwoSocks said...

HA! I've been on FB for a while, but I only use the status updates to pimp my own blog, which I find really works. You should try it!

April said...

Ha! As you know I am a FB addict. It's an illness. And I'm not proud. But still.

Yesterday someone I know had their FB status as "So and So is getting laid." I died laughing.

But I am with you on all the other stuff. Save these animals, lil green patch, take this quiz. No thanks. Someone else sent me a fart. WTF?

DevilsHeaven said...

I wish I could pimp my blog, but said blog is anonymous, that would kinda kill my bitching freedom. *la sigh*

Sent a fart? Sounds like something my brother would do! That is kinda hilarious!! heheehe

Anonymous said...

...wishes so and so (coworker) would shut up and let me work!

or some variation of that on a daily basis. It's sad, really.