Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I had a weird dream. For some reason I had a dream about Boots, the pharmacy chain over in the U.K.. Think CVS or Walgreens my digital Americans. Anyway, yes, I was apparently IN the U.K. and was in need of something and as we got off the train(i even dreamed of the public transit system) I was telling my friend that we needed to go to Boots because Boots has EVERYTHING.
Oh, did I mention it was a MUSICAL??? Uh, yeah. With men leaping down the aisle, twirling in front of the underwear as we all sang, "BOOTS has EVERYTHING!!!!! BOOTS, BOOTS, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTS has EVVVVVVVVERYTHING!!!!! You can find it HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEREEE, even clean UNDERWEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAARRR!!!!"
I honestly don't think they sell underwear. Digital U.K.ers??

I woke up with a strong need to hop on a plane and visit the nearest Boots and comb the aisle for all kinds of great treasures. That blue sign is calling to me.

I love Boots.

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