Saturday, February 07, 2009

Planning Ahead

I was talking to my mom about babies and showers and gifts. I was attempting to plant the seed that when my time comes I would like this fabulous rocker/glider. My mother has several of the less fancy ones, and everyone loves to sit in them. When I mentioned that I'd like one since she got SIL one, she came back with something about "the chair instead of a shower."


No no no! I want the chair AT the shower!

Greedy? When it comes to this rocker glider, you better believe it. They are pricey, very true. But my mom has, 'connections', and can get the chair at a nice discount. But the opportunity for said deep discount will expire soon. So I was hoping she'd do a little shopping now. Plan ahead and all that.

I'm not sure I was too very convincing. She didn't seem to buy any of my reasoning.

I really want one of these chairs! How can I convince her? HOW!?!?!?

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