Friday, December 05, 2008

Out Dated?

I'm going to go with the idea that F will still have his job in 3 weeks(or me mine for that matter) and we will still be going to The Homeland for our Honeymoon. (it helps me not think about the "what if" factor.) That said, I need a new hair style. I have very fine, straight hair. It's the longest it's been since I was a sophomore in college. I've had short hair, I've had medium length hair, I've had long permed hair, and short permed hair. It's very easy to manage when it's permed. So I ask you, my digital friends, Are perms out dated? I need something that doesn't need much up keep or styling whilst in The Homeland. If I could braid my own hair, I'd go that way, while there, but I can't. So I need an easy style. I can't even give you pics of styles to choose from, because I have no idea what I want and my brain has latched onto the practically self styling permed hair.
Ideas? Places I should look for ideas?
Should I break out my leg warmers to go with my perm?
Seriously, I need help!!

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bernthis said...

NO matter what you do, just don't start listening to Xanadu in your car and you will be okay.

Perm? Yes, outdated, I hate to tell you. How about a blunt cut, or all evenly cut and it falls just at your shoulders so you can throw it into a ponytail and if you wear it down and your hair is that straight, you can just comb it.