Friday, December 19, 2008

Letting You Know

As some of you know, F and I are going on our Honeymoon over Christmas break. We'll be gone into mid January. Here's the thing, I'm not really close with any other Bloggers so that makes it kinda hard to ask any of them to do a guest post. So, I will try and pre-write as many posts as I can, but I highly doubt that much exciting stuff will happen to me between now, and the day we leave. I can't post while there because I'm quite sure I'll not have any alone time where I can compose without being found out.
However, if you'll promise to wait for me, I promise there'll be LOADS of good stories about the Honeymoon in The Homeland, with the extended family.
Stick with me kids, and I'll tell you tale of a magical coaster ride..............

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SassyTwoSocks said...

I'll totally wait for you. ;-)