Wednesday, December 03, 2008


F and I spent the day with my Brother and his family over the holiday weekend. F and my Brother went off to do guy stuff while B-S-I-L(brother-sister-in-law) and I were left with the care and feeding of their 2 little ones. My 2yr old nephew has taken quite a liking to F and F to my nephew. After the guys had left my nephew looks at me over his chicken noodle soup and says, "Where your DH?"
Me: "What?"
Nephew: "Where your DH go?"
Me: "I'm right here hon."
Nephew: "No, where your DH go?!?"

In his adorable 2 yr old way my nephew was asking me where F had gone.

A few months ago his 3 yr old sister referred to F as "DH's F."

Makes my ovaries do a dance those two do, let me tell ya.

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