Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Time Line

6:18pm: Arrive home. Seek out F to say Hello.

6:20pm: Notice large box sitting on back step, get excited at prospect of opening SHOES!

6:20:45sec pm: Notice other large box sitting in the living room by the front door. MORE SHOES!

6:21pm: Stack 2 large boxes on top of each other and admire lovely from the kitchen while making dinner.

6:45pm: Eat dinner in living room trying not to ripe into boxes with fork. MUST SEE SHOES!

7:00pm: F comes to tell me what needs to be completed on the evil family room this evening. Shoes must wait until work is over.

8:30pm: Finish work and start to head towards shoes who have been whispering to me for the last hour and a half. Hear F call from the basement to come help on his resume. *whimper* before heading downstairs.

8:45pm: Whiningly ask F if I can please go upstairs and try on my shoes now????


8:46pm: Open first shoe box like it's Christmas!!!! Shiny! Pretty!

9:20pm: HATE STUPID shoes! Hate STUPID packaging that comes packed with shoes!

9:45pm: Limp into bedroom. Pretty shoes are MEAN! They pinch! They cut! They wobble! Hate stupid fat Polish feet!

9:46pm: Relay to F that out of 8 pairs of shoes, there are MAYBE 2 I could actually wear and MAYBE 3 others if re-ordered in a different size.

10:00pm: Crawl into bed feeling completely defeated.

2:00pm today: Order 3 more pairs of pretty! Shiny! Wedding shoes!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Ugh that is so frustrating. But hey, free shipping!