Thursday, May 15, 2008

Miss Nasty

I had a completely different post ready to go today, but after starting my morning with a lovely comment from the ever bold and brave Anonymous comment leaver, I decided to give said Anonymous props for having the guts to be rude from behind the mask of anonymity. Kinda like the people who wear sheets over their heads as they claim to be Christian while burning a cross in some body's, yeah. And I'm sure Anonymous will leave yet ANOTHER comment regarding this post and on and on and on, blah, whatever.

So, just let me update. CBF sent me an e-mail apologizing, without being provoked by me.

See? some people DO have manners.


Anonymous said...

Good for C, maybe she was having a bad day. Now we can all just get along. Anonymous right?

Anonymous said...

I'm glad she apologized. As for anonymous - welcome to the club, darling. Unfortunately, people find it acceptable to leave mean comments behind the cloak of no name to make themselves feel better.

I've learned you just have to laugh at it. If they don't like you, then why do they read, right?