Monday, May 05, 2008

Now Boarding....In-Law Visit....Gate: Insanity

FIL is sick, still, again, more badly.

“I may have to go back East.” F says.

FIL is sick enough that his doctor told him not to fly. He was supposed to be traveling for work.

“Can’t he take the train?” I asked F, knowing the place he was suppose to be going to was easily reached by train.

“Yeah, but then we’d have to pick him up in C. Cause the train doesn’t come here.”

“Wait, what? I thought he was going to D. How did we get from D to C???”(don’t you love my alphabet soup writing?)
I knew where this was going and my fear was confirmed by the extremely pregnant pause F took before answering me….

“Oh, I see what you mean. He could take the train to D. I thought you meant take the train here when they visit.”

“What? Your Dad is coming? I thought you said your Mom was coming, ALONE.”

“I want both of them to visit.”

“Um, F. This is kinda something you should have told me awhile ago.”

“Well it doesn’t matter now, since he can’t fly, so he’s not coming.”

All conversations we’d had about pending visits had solely included his mother, not FIL. How his mom would meet my mom and they would spend the day together, how his mother wouldn’t approve of us sleeping in the same bed so he’d sleep on the pull out couch. FIL was never mentioned.
I couldn’t vent my anger at him for leaving this bit of the equation out, he was already crying about his dad being sick and possibly not living until the wedding.
So I dreamed it instead.
I told him to tell the jeweler to keep the damned ring because the WEDDING IS OFF.
His face, in the dream was one of shock and horror.
I felt highly satisfied at finally making him understand how strongly I dislike his father.(of course calling off the wedding would mean FIL won, and we certainly can't have THAT.)

My ring arrived today.

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Anonymous said...

ugh I hate dealing with in-law stuff. And the wedding dreams! AH.

But...can I see a ring pic? Pretty please?