Friday, May 23, 2008

It's Smokin.....

My credit card that is. I just ordered my "wedding shoes". And when I say shoeS, I mean that the pool of potential wedding shoeS tops out at 8. 3 from Zappos and 5 from
I can't wait to see F's face when 8 boxes arrive on our door step.
Total Credit card bill for "potential" wedding shoes? $568.75.
That makes my head hurt.
$365.75 for the 5 pairs from Endless and $203 for the 3 pairs from Zappos.
Thank the Retail Gods that these 2 sites don't charge shipping, either way.

It'll be hard though, deciding which shoes I want to keep. They are all pretty. And need a good home. And I'm not a heartless woman who would turn a needy shoe out on it's well heeled self.
They are poor, and helpless, and need someone to care for them.
I care, and I have plenty of upper closet space that's prefect for hiding shoes.
Just ask the suede black peep toes that are cozily tucked away up there, awaiting their turn to be worn, most likely at my rehearsal dinner.


Shu Luva' said...

your a good hearted woman,I adore you for doing that,well maybe no problem about shoes,just select the best for your wedding..I'm jealous...

I'm searching a perfect shoes for my wedding,and I make a blog about it...

Anonymous said...

eight! A girl after my own heart. I want to see what you ordered! Email immediately :)