Wednesday, May 07, 2008


What follows is a conversation I just had with 2 separate co-workers about lunch, a very important topic in our office. Some days we begin discussing lunch plans before we even have our morning coffee(tea for me).

ME: "Qdoba's?"
CoW1: "When?"
ME: "Lunch."
CoW1: "Today?"
ME: "Yeah."
CoW1: "YES!"
CoW1: "Didn't you bring anything? I brought a burger."
ME: "Nope, it'll keep."
CoW1: "Right, then I won't have to bring lunch tomorrow."
ME: "Right!"
See how well we rationalize things?

Conversation I had with my second co-worker inviting her along with us:

ME: "Qdoba's?"
CoW2: "Today?"
ME: "Yeah."
CoW2: "Alright!"

Simple and to the point, that's the only way to be.

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