Monday, May 03, 2010

Forgotten Manners Abound

My mom recently returned from the south to do her summer here in the Midwest. I picked her up at the airport. She was late, EXTREMELY LATE. I was kinda torked, because there are only so many circles around the airport you can do before you run out of gas. However, once my mother relayed to me the reason behind her tardiness, I grew incensed at the thoughtlessness, mannerlessness, heartlessness, nay! GODLESSNESS of people today. The flight was 4 hours long. There was a single mother with her small child on this flight. The woman was sick immediately upon boarding the plane. She spent the majority of the flight confined to the bathroom being ill in every way you can be. Upon landing, everyone jumped up and started crowding the aisle. Over the P.A. the flight attendant requested everyone to please remain in their seats so that an ill passenger could be attended to by the EMTs. An extremely few passengers sat back down. The majority continued to crowd the aisles until the EMTs were upon them. Once the EMTs reached the passenger in question, those they past jumped back up itching to be let off. Once again they were told to remain in their seats until the ill passenger could be removed. The EMTs left to get the woman a wheel chair because she was unable to leave the plane under her own power. People crowded the aisle AGAIN and tried to stand their ground until the extremely large EMT become irritated (I hope more disgusted than anything) and yelled, "SIT DOWN!" The other passengers grudgingly did so. The EMTs barely had the poor woman and her child on the ramp before the rest of the passengers began jostling each other for aisle space.

SHAME ON YOU PEOPLE. SHAME, SHAME, SHAME. If you were the one who was sick you would have been screaming bloody murder at the other passengers for violating you in whatever manner that restricted you from deplaning your ill self. Personally, if I was that woman, I would have fake puked on everyone as I was wheeled out.

And an extra shame note to the retired doctor who refused to come to her aid because he was RETIRED which apparently means he forgot all his medical knowledge when it came to helping, but NOT when it came to scolding the poor flight attendant for misdiagnosing the ill passenger. WTF old dude? WTF????

This sad act of humanity in no way of course tops these heinous acts of humanity.

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