Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hairy Situation

When I went to get my hair cut for the last time at my former stylist, she had on a sweater. Not all that notable, since it was winter. Except for the fact that sweaters are rather notorious for collecting hair. Your own, or others. (can you see where i'm going with this?) Normally I would think nothing of this. HOWEVER, said hair was on her sleeve, about half way down. Granted, she had her sleeves pushed up, but all that did was put the extremely long, and extremely NOT my hair, DIRECTLY in my face while she was shampooing me.  Someone else's hair, IN my face.  Dangling there. Unhindered. Unnoticed. Every time she moved her arm, said unknown hair tickled a different part of my face. Nose. Forehead. Cheek. Chin. Other Cheek. I about gagged as it zeroed in on my mouth. But THANKFULLY she was distracted and I was saved from the hair lip from hell. EW! Even now, MONTHS later it still gives me the chills!!!
It was torture I tell you. Gives a whole new meaning to Teasing your hair!!

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