Thursday, May 21, 2009

I've Got the Double Blues

I have a love of shoes. I did after all order and return 52 pairs trying to find just the right pair for my wedding.
It took me a very long time, two years I believe, to find a pair of blue sandals I could wear to work during the summer months. I love the ones I have from Aerosoles, my favorite shoe haven. However, I just now noticed that they squawk when I walk. Is it wrong to buy new shoes when the only thing wrong with the old ones is that they are noisy? Do I really want to start a new search that could end badly? Even though I have a line on a new pair? Granted, not as sexy as the ones they'd be replacing, but very similar.
What is a girl to do??????

P.S. I heart THESE shoes and almost bought them for my sister's wedding. God help me if they go on sale!

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