Monday, May 11, 2009

I have to do What?

SES and I were watching our niece and nephew over the weekend. SES took them outside to play when my 4 yr old niece rings the doorbell to be let back in. This is the conversation she and I had:

Me: "Are you done playing with Aunt SES already??"

4yr old niece: "Yes, I am ready to come in."

Me: "Well ok."

4yr old niece:(very matter of factly) "Actually. I came in because I have to poop. And then you will wipe my butt."

Me: (completely stunned) "WHAT??? You're 4, can't you wipe your own butt???"

4yr old: "No I can't. I can't wipe my own butt."

Me: "Well, Um, really??"

SES who is now standing on the porch: "No, really, she can't."

Me: "Well, ok."

The 4 yr old skips off to the bathroom. A few minutes later from the other side of the bathroom door a small sing-songie voice calls out. " Aunt DddddddHhhhhhh.......I'm dddddoooooooooooooooooonne."

Me: "Ok, let's wipe your stinky butt."

4yr old: "You're silly."

These are the moments that make my ovaries wiggle with delight.............. and anticipation.

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