Wednesday, May 13, 2009

C is for COOKIE dang it!

I went to the grocery store on my lunch hour to purchase some hair gel. I was also in need of some chocolate. Our New large chain grocery store (they built it like maybe 5 yrs ago?) has under gone a massive face lift. They have updated, moved aisles and enlarged the store. It all looks very trendy, with the Starbucks stand and the Sushi stand. Except the fact that I couldn't find the damned candy aisle in order to get my chocolate fix. I was looking to get some Pretzel Flipz . Sweet, salty. PREFECT.
Could. Not. Find. Candy. AISLE!!!!!
Who hides the CANDY aisle????
Do NOT stand between a woman and her candy!
They actually put the name brand of the product in the aisle name, who does that? Fritos? Lays? I'm not kidding!
I had to settle for the candy that they put in the checkout aisle.
I love me some Reese's, don't get me wrong. But they are NOT Pretzel Flipz!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Surely they should know that one of the most lucrative businesses is "getting women to buy candy they are trying to avoid but see and REALLY REALLY WANT"? Foolish mistake.