Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Deep Thoughts...........

A day in the life of me and Instant Messaging........

Adult:(......) and uh, guys scratch their balls 24/7, be they droolers or not. just a heads up

Adult: or as BF says, "I'm ADJUSTING, ok!?!?!"

CBF: Men are really quite disgusting. Yet, I like sex. Go figure.

Adult: isn't it just the oddest? really, do you think if God is a man, he's a scratcher as well?

CBF: Sure, because he's probably got a huge set of stones.

Adult: that being the case, don't you think he'd of made us more accepting of said ball scratching?

CBF: This is the guy who gave us periods.

Adult: as punishment for the whole apple thing. maybe the ball scratching “ew” factor was an add on to the whole punishment thing

CBF: I totally want my money back.

Adult: I didn't offer anyone a stupid apple. hell, I’m allergic!

CBF: It sucks being a woman, but it's better than being a man any day-- because they never wash after they scratch, and who the heck wants hands that smell like sweaty balls?

Adult: ew, so totally

Adult: and they don't wipe after they pee

Adult: and i'm sorry, but the whole "shake it dry" thing, really just flings the pee to other places.

CBF: That's like blowing your nose without a Kleenex!

Adult: So totally! You know, they don't even give them the option of TP at the urinals! So you HAVE to fling.

CBF: Or tap-- tapping is better, but still. It leaves pee droplets in the underwear-- don't men understand that women don't mind being around the twig and berries, as long as pee is not involved or in the vicinity, or stained to the tighty whities???!!!!!

Adult: they do not. mothers can not intervene and teach their boys because that kind of peeing is a man thing. So they teach each other, hence passing on the bad habit.

CBF: No wonder grown men still have skid marks.

Adult: EW!

Adult: and wear holey undies

CBF: Yeah-- what is the deal with that, or should I not get you started?

Adult: even my brother who was properly raised by women, wears it that way. when my mom was living there, she'd steal it, take it home and throw it out.

CBF: That's whack.

Adult: totally.

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