Monday, April 07, 2008

It Takes All Kinds

Sunday, F and I arrived at Church to find it packed to the gills with people. First Communion. That means every blood relative of the child was in attendance. F and I headed towards the VERY back of the Church and managed to grab the last 2 seats in the place. The people in front of us had 3 boys, which grew my attention because the one had both his fingers up his nose and didn't care who saw. The oldest boy kept putting his feet on his mother's legs, her butt, the small of her back, where ever he could land them, all while trying to un-shoe his youngest brother who had taken up residence in his mother's arms. Fair enough, they are just kids. The first thing I noticed about their Aunt was her shoes. Very kicky heels with a red and white check pattern, kind of like she was wearing the picnic table cloth on her feet. But they looked better than that. My eyes caught the flash of blue next. I peered at her and caught sight of her bright blue, very long nails. Um, ok. The blue nails flashed up to her hair, and the pink little girl mini clip. OH! Now that is one of my pet peeves, adult woman who wear little girl hair accessories. Seriously! Move your lazy butt a little further down the aisle and buy the adult mini-clip! Yes, it may only be brown, and not have the hint of looking like a butterfly on your head, but hey, You're an ADULT, these things happen as part of growing up.

Tomorrow, PMI: The Reckoning.

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