Wednesday, March 05, 2008

School is OUT!

On Sunday we had our Premarital Prep Class. This was more than just meeting with our Priest. This was an all day event, 8:45AM to 4:45PM. There were 19 couples in all, and F and I were the 2nd oldest couple there.
Yeah, me and F, and a bunch of 20 somethings with their teeny tiny waists and glaringly huge solitaries. Opps, was that a tad bitter? Oh well.
The class? A complete waste of time. COMPLETE. They feed us bagels at 9. F and I spilt one. They didn’t feed us lunch until after 1pm, after we all attended mass together. Back in the class room, we all fell on the pizza and wings and stuffed ourselves. Yes, that’s right, pizza and wings. All that was missing was the beer bong. And that’s what we got for $60? Not pleased.
Other than that, nothing to write about. No crazy couple. Nothing outrageous. No one fighting over the stupid little exercises we had to do. Really, it was a Blogging Bust.

Except the stone chapel that everyone but us (not really, but it seemed like it) was getting married at. "Oh we're getting married in the little stone chapel." So we checked out this "little chapel". Totally JEALOUS because the "chapel" is a Gothic church that was built in the 1930's and seats 200 people. I wanted to stab myself in the eye so I could forget how cool it was and how horrid it was that I wasn't getting married there. I’d post pics, but the website won’t let me copy them. Jerks. And posting the website, well, not really all that anonymous for me then, is it? Anyway, we could have had the family room cleaned up within that day instead of me stabbing out my eyes from jealously.

However, I think I found my bridal shower theme. I doubt my friends would protest!

Fun bridal shower theme: Stock the bar

by Meg Massie on Feb 27th 2008 7:31PM

Now here's a shower I'd like someone to throw for me -- and I'm guessing most guys could have a good time with one of these, too. A stock the bar bridal shower is just what it sounds like. Instead of buying household supplies for the bride, you're literally stocking the couple's bar with gifts of liquor and drink recipes.

Bridesmaid Essentials has a great guide for how to throw such a party, including decorations, menu ideas (of course there's alcohol), games, and even wording for the invitation.

The guide suggests including a few blank recipe cards with the invitation so guests can write out the recipes for their own favorite cocktails to share with the couple.

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