Thursday, March 06, 2008

Remote This

I was watching “Who’s Wedding is it Anyway?” the other night and the MOG (mother of the groom) went out and bought a red dress to wear to the wedding. We are talking bright cherry red. The Bride was understandably upset. Her mother was wearing dark silver and her grandmother was in lilac. The BM’s were in black. So the cherry red? Can we say, FOCAL POINT? The wedding planner tried to intervene by telling the MOG that the dress was amazing and she looked great in it, but maybe she should exchange it for one in a different color “gun metal gray perhaps?” MOG’s reasoning behind her choice was completely self serving. “It’s MY BABY’S Wedding! And it’s during the holidays (they were having a new year’s wedding), so why not RED? Plus it looks great on me! Hahahahaha!”
“What a bitch.” Was my response to the TV. I went to bed before I saw if she changed it or not. I have CFB checking her TiVo to see if she has it and can tell me what the out come was. I have to say one thing for MIL, she would never do that. She knows better. She has better manners than that. Thank You MIL.

Update: CBF says: "She did indeed where that red (or as she called it, burgundy) dress. And then at the reception, she got drunk and went around to all the tables exclaiming that she was the groom's mother. Apparently, she did not have a wedding, so she saw this as her chance. I think she might have bi-polar disorder. Crazy biznatch."

Last night we were watching Rich Bride_Poor Bride. The one couple that was on, the girl was a total blond. She kept going over budget and couldn’t understand why anyone was getting upset. Every time her planner said, “This is going over budget” she’d say, “it doesn’t matter, they’ll pay for it.” “They” being the parents. She kept signing for things without telling her future spouse. Like the harpist for $500 for the first hour. F’s response to it all? “I’d leave you if you were like that.” This is his answer every time we watch this show. I just looked at him. “I would! This should tell him how she’s going to be when they get married. Not telling him stuff! That’s ridiculous.”
“I’m thinking if I was like that, you’d know it by now. Plus, you are a hypocrite. I KNOW there are things you don’t tell me.” I said pointedly.
He smiled, he knew he’d been caught.
At one point the planner had an intervention to try and stop the spending. This was the one time I was on the girl’s side. Her future in-laws ripped into her. I think at one point they even told her she was stupid. Which ok, maybe she was, but they shouldn’t talk to her like that! Especially on TV!
I turned to F, “If your parents ever talked to me like that, oh, it’d be ON! You know I’d try to bite my tongue, but hell no!”
F rolled his eyes and sighed.

I love the conversations we have when we do things together.

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