Friday, March 07, 2008


I cried in the shower this morning.

This wedding thing is really getting to me. REALLY getting to me. F still hasn't whipped up his side of the guest list and it was really upsetting me.
I know affording this wedding isn't going to be a simple, "Here Daddy! Pay for this!" Because I have no Daddy(literally) and even if I did, I doubt he could pay for it. God rest his soul.

That, and my house isn't selling and I am EXTREMELY BROKE because of it.

Also, I'm deathly afraid I'm not going to like my dress once my sister finishes it. Or my fat arms will still be fat, and goodness I am such a damn girl!

F turned off the water, wrapped me in towel and hugged me.

I wish I was still there in his warm arms instead of here, at work.

I'm really lucky to have him.

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no tofu said...

Your wedding will be beautiful. The most important thing is that you and F are happy and having a wonderful time-that will make everyone else enjoy themselves, too. You seem like you'll be able to keep your costs under control and your house WILL SELL. Your dress will be fabulous, most of all because you will be wearing it, and you are the only one who might possibly think your arms are fat-everyone else will only be able to think about how breathtaking you are! And F sounds wonderful :) (even if he is a boy and can't handle things like guest lists!)