Monday, March 10, 2008

Operator..Please Give Me #9......

And if you Disconnect me, I'll kick you right behind.....

Remember that childhood rhyme? Well this weekend, while F was making phone calls back to The Homeland about the wedding, as per FIL's demands, FIL kept beeping in. So F asked me to call FIL and tell him to stop calling.
So I did.
FIL: "F!?"
ME: "No, it's DH."
ME: "F is on the phone and wants you to stop calling him." *nervous giggle* i knew this wasn't going over well
FIL: "OOOOH well EXCUSE ME! I gave him the wrong number and was going to give him the correct one."
ME: "Well you can *CLICK*

That's right folks. My 70 yr old future father-in-law hung up on me.
Like he was a 16 yr old girl.
So yeah, I'd like to kick him right behind the ...........

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