Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Things I’ve learned since becoming an “Adult”
("Adult" : having a mortgage)

1) Being a “blonde” is not cost effective. I have been demoted to a lemon juice blonde, and that only works during the summer. Forgive me my roots in the dead of winter.

2) Using a credit card to buy groceries is as sad a state of affairs as I thought it was when I was in my 20’s and all I EVER needed to get chips and Vodka was my Debt card.

3) Living in the “Burbs” means parking in the street so that your neighbor is completely cluster fucked when trying to back out of her extremely narrow new driveway onto an even narrower street.

4) Having school aged (high school that is) kids in the neighbor is a complete bitch when you are grasping the last bits of sleep before dragging yourself to work, and their carpool buddies thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to lay on the horn at 7am. *Clue* It’s not acceptable.

5) Having “Shade Trees” in my yard is great in the summer, a complete raking horror in the fall.

6) Being an “Independent woman” means cleaning out your own gutters because you can’t afford to have someone do it for you.

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