Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Midnight Manhandling

There I was, curled up and hugging the edge of the bed while BF snored, and not lightly, next to me. The breathing became normal and I thought that I might actually be able to fall asleep within the next 30 seconds before he started up again, when I felt it, a warm man hand sneaking into my panties. It patted my hinny lovingly and rested there for several seconds. My mind raced, Is he awake? Is he trying to wake me up for some late night hanky-panky? Do I WANT to be awake for some late night hanky-panky? But before I could decide on which course of action to take, it retreated back to where it came from. I lay there, stunned, but then chuckled to myself before snuggling into my pillow to block out the snores which soon followed.
When morning broke I poised the inquiry, "So what was the deal with you last night?"


"In the middle of the night you snaked your hand into my panties and
rubbed my tushy."

"I DID? Seriously?"

"Oh yeah you did. You don't remember it?"

"You didn't do it on purpose?"
"Ha, no I didn't."

We both laughed it off. Little did I know.
A week passes. Once again, hugging the edge of BF's King sized bed, I felt the sheet begin to move. And there it was, another Midnight Manhandling was occurring! This time I think my left cheek was squeezed.

Again as daylight shone through the window I say to him, "You did it again last
"Did what?"
"Rubbed my tushy."
"Again???? Wow, I just don't remember doing it." He shook his head puzzled.
I smiled and kissed his nose.
The next night I was Manhandled twice. I'm beginning to grow suspicious of his memory loss.

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Megan said...

i know this is a very old post of yours, but i just had to say that my bf does this from time to time too, sometimes going for more than a pat on the "tushy". and he swears he doesn't even remember it