Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Semi-Public Restrooms

I was wasting time with a co-worker today when she looks me in the eye and says, "Can I be mean for a sec?"

I considered her statement, wondering if the mean was going to be directed at me or not, "LOL, like you have to ask!" I'd decided to take a chance.

"Ok, so like when you are at work and you have to go "#2", don't you use the handicap stall?"

Let me explain about the female office restroom. We actually have a nice Ladiesroom, with a cupboard where each female has her own cubie to keep certain feminine products. There are 2 stalls like in any other public restroom, where you can go shoe-peeping without reprocusions, but we also have a handicaped "stall" which is like a real bathroom with real walls and a real door, there's no shoe-peeping going on here. What makes it the "Handicap" stall is that is has metal supports bolted to the walls. Because of it's Real Bathroom like set-up, and the obivous lack of a handicaped co-worker, this "stall" has the unwritten distinction of being the one to use for "#2".
"Well yes, of course."

"OK, so why doesn't GC use it? I mean, really."

"Yes, I know, it gives more..... containment, so everyone else doesn't have to, experience it."

"Right. Or use the one upfront."

"I don't think she's a washer either, I think she's just a wetter."
(Washer=Someone who uses soap & water after using the bathroom. Wetter=Someone who only rinses their hands, no soap is used. Walker=someone who just walks out, not a washer and not a wetter.)

"Oh! Don't say she's not a washer!" Insert grossed out face here.

I nod my head grimly.
I mean really, how can you sit across from someone at the meeting when you've just had a containmentless, walker experience with them?

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