Thursday, October 28, 2010

Just Call Me Babar

I hadn't heard from either my Dr's office or the Sleep Clinic in two weeks, so I called my Dr. They had my results, but were unable to open them, computer related crap, blah blah blah, we'll get back to you.  A few days pass, and they call with the results, SEVERE sleep apnea. And I can tell you it must be VERY severe because the nurse who called paused and then STRESSED the word SEVERE. I think she even said it a few times. For effect. So basically, yeah, I'm close to death when I sleep from lack of breathing. SWEET.
Not an hour later, the sleep clinic was calling to make sure they get my Medically Insured Reimbursed business. I go in the next few days for my training and to pick up my C-PAP machine with its ""very convent and sporty duffel bag for easy transportation."

 YES. SPORTY.  What more can a girl ask for??

The Elephant.....

And it's trunk

And the Nose

This thing can have its own PILLOW??? Oh brother.

Am I wrong here people???

Do you see it? I'll look like I'm wearing an ELEPHANT'S FACE

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Anonymous said...

that get-up is sexy let me tell ya!

I think that would make it harder for you to sleep. Good Luck!