Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Why Its on Sale

You know when it looks bad even on the model, it is a BAD IDEA.
Every slighty over weight girl should take one look at those sleeves and feel the need to fire up the Bic.
Seriously. BAD. IDEA.
The look on her face says: "HAHA, you're kidding me right? You aren't serious about this being a top you're trying to market to girls with hefty arms. For $60 bucks. Right?? Right??????? No marketing it down to $50 does not make it any better."


Tracy said...

That is a perfect example of an outfit that can make anyone even a stick insect look FAT!!

DevilsHeaven said...

Ah "stick insect" one of my favorite Bridget Jones' qoutes! ;-)
And yes, the ENTIRE outfit is all kinds of wrong.