Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm a Kid Again

I went to Target, the evil store of extra spending, and ended up leaving with, wait for it..............


I always get sucked in by the $1 SPOT! This time, oh the trip down childhood lane!!! Seriously, how could I possibly walk away from SILLY PUDDY?? The ORGINAL???? This was RIGHT NEXT TO SLINKY Jr!!!! Which is METAL, not the crappy plastic! SCORE and SCORE. I can barely wait to show my new items to F. Who I'm sure will say, "We never had that when I was a kid." proceeded of course by an eye roll at my joy followed by a lecture about responsible spending.

Can you really deny me $2 dollars of happiness?

I think not.

I also considered buying one of each for my siblings just so we could play like we used to. Without the fighting of course, since we'd all have our own!

Actually, I should tell my mom so she can pick them up as stocking stuffers!!!

That e-mail will write itself!!


Ashley said...

Ok, I just stumbled onto your blog from Molly's 'These Little Moments' and you're quickly getting put in my Google Reader. Great blog - absolutely hilarious and relatable!

Oh- and my favorite character was Ernie. But I loved the little clip with the Ladybug Picnic too.

Ashley said...

Whoops - that comment was supposed to go on your Sesame Street post. *fail*

DevilsHeaven said...

WOW! Thanks!!! I'll try to keep up the good work! No PRESSURE or anything........