Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wedding Planner Lessons

BF and I went back East to attend the wedding of one of his dear friends. The setting was fabulous, the food was divine and the booze were free flowing. That my dear readers, was the first mistake made by the couple who wanted nothing more than their friends and family to co-mingle and have a wonderful time.

Things I learned attending a wedding
1) Free booze +empty stomach=Trouble(for me especially).
2)Those that arrive with "Sex hair", have had sex before the wedding, have sex at the dinner table, and have sex at the top of the stairs for all to see.
3)Booze + pretty girls=inappropriate touching by various groomsmen.
4)Sibling rivalry = partner swapping.
5)Booze = the expression of latten lesbian feelings( not by me, but maybe for me).
6)Making friends with the foreign bartender is the way to happiness.
7)Being a "Cast-off", or the date of a bridal party member, is a lonely night made better by #6, but worse by #8.
8)Having your BF mention how great every other guy thought your boobs look is NOT a confidence booster.

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