Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Yes, I'll admit it, I was the Farter, BF was the Fartee. It isn't just that I farted in his presence. Oh, no, no cute Carrie Bradshaw moment here. We were, hmm, let's say, the BF and I were engaged in some foreplay, and he was doing his best to rev my engine manually(with his hands) when suddenly I farted. This is the exchange that followed:

"OMG! You just farted!"

"I'm so sorry! Oh God, I'm sorry!" I managed to choke out between laughs.

"You really know how to kill the moment, don't you?" he asked laughing.

More laughing from me.

"God, I felt that on my hand."

"Here, smell my hand, it stinks!"

"Oh stop! It does not!"

"I can't believe you. I have to go wash my hand. Here smell it!"

"You are such a dork!"

We both die laughing. Thank god BF isn't an uptight guy.

But I must pose this question, What is it with guys insisting that you smell something that smells nasty? The nastier the better?

And yet, he refuses to smell the spoiled milk.

P.S. I found this handy device while searching for a pic. Are we REALLY suppose to believe that stainless steel makes you not be smelly anymore? Couldn't you just rub the good sliver under your arm? I'm just sayin.

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