Wednesday, August 29, 2012

News FLASH: I Have No Patience

I am trying to avoid turning this Blog into ALL BABY ALL THE TIME, I don't know if I can, but I will try. So this post will be about how freaking stupid people are. Some of it is Baby related, some of it not. But this is what has been boiling my blood lately.
"Do your boobs hurt?"  
We are not friends, you are a co-worker, this is an inappropriate question.

*Making a face when I tell you names we are considering* 
If you are going to be an ass about it, don't ask! Seriously, I'm not offering, and it is rude. It is not like we are considering Babi Boi, or Owher Cyd.  And I am sorry to my pregnancy partner because I just realized I've done this to you.

*Touching my stomach*
Granted this has only happened once, but seriously, I DID NOT KNOW THE PERSON. Why do people think this is ok?

*Coming to work while sick, with MONO* 
Um, really? I know we have covered this in the past, but seriously, MONO. "You can only get it through saliva". Well ok then, so if your husband isn't sick, and your kid isn't sick, or anyone in your family then, pray tell, how did YOU catch it?
"A person with mono can also pass the disease by coughing or sneezing, causing small droplets of infected saliva and/or mucus to be suspended in the air which can be inhaled by others. Sharing food or beverages from the same container or utensil can also transfer the virus from one person to another since contact with infected saliva may result. The incubation period for mono, meaning the time from the initial viral infection until the appearance of symptoms, is between four and six weeks. During an infection, a person is likely able to transmit the virus to others for at least a few weeks. Research has shown that, depending on the method used to detect the virus, anywhere from 20%-80% of people who have had mononucleosis and have recovered, will continue to secrete the EBV in their saliva for years due to periodic "reactivation" of the viral infection. Since healthy people without symptoms also secrete the virus during reactivation episodes throughout their lifetime, isolation of people infected with EBV is not necessary. It is currently believed that these healthy people, who nevertheless secrete EBV particles, are the primary reservoir for transmission of EBV among humans.

Well thank you WebMD, that is not at all comforting. Please inform my Boss and HR that is this possible, they seem to think all is well. Even for us pregnant folks.

*Bringing your cell phone/iPad to a meeting*  
If you are bringing the iPad to take notes that is totally fine. But if you are responding to emails or surfing the web, that is NOT cool. Answering your cell? Also not cool. Leaving to answer your cell? Again, NOT cool, but at least you realize that talking on it during a meeting is not the way to go.

*Arriving late to/Leaving early from a meeting or mandatory training* 
 I do not understand why this is allowed to happen. You are not that important. Trust me, I know what you do for a living and the world will go on if you are unavailable for an hour. And the mandatory training? It is MANDATORY because *hint* YOU ALL SUCK  at what we trained you on before.  And since it is specialized to each group; attending the "Last 15 minutes of the next one"  IS NOT GOING TO BE THE SAME.  Along the same lines? Falling asleep during training. TRUE STORY.
*Continuing to ask me for data that I have already told you I do not supply*
Oddly, this keeps coming from the person who falls asleep in training.

*Calling one group out on hate speech, but not calling out your own group's hate speech*
My Aunt continues to do this via Face Book. I really have to sit on my hands or otherwise we would be in a consistent battle. Today I decided that from now on I will remove her comments like this. I cannot stand hypocrites.

What makes your blood boil? Do you tell people off or just let it slide? DO TELL!!!

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