Friday, May 06, 2011

Bold Rudness

Remember how just a few days ago I told you that Mrs. Nosey took it upon herself to announce pregnancies for two of our co-workers? The woman has no boundaries, I swear to God.  This morning before our Boss got in, flowers were delivered to her office. Mrs Nosey went in to said office, exclaimed, "OH! She got flowers! Is it her birthday???"  Our boss's birthday was 2 weeks ago, which one of our co-workers reminded her. "Oh, well. OH!!!! It is her ANNIVERSARY!!!! HHHHmmmmm "To the love of my life (something else I couldn't quite make out)" " "Hmph, if my husband wrote something like THAT(something else I couldn't make out but it was clearly sarcastic)....."

Do you see what just happened there?? She READ the card on our BOSS'S FLOWERS before our Boss even got to see them and then, THEN she criticized what  her husband had written!!!!!!!
The out and out audacity of it all!!!!! It just blows my mind. I almost said something, but I keep biting my tongue. I would  have a very hard time not calling this woman  the "C" word if we ever got into it.
She is so beyond rude I just don't even know how to handle it.


Tracy said...

Tell her, tell her how rude & inappropriate she is, give her examples of when she has been that way.

Best case scenario she will not have realised what a twat she has been, apologise & at least try to behave better.

Worst case, she will think you are nuts to even think there is anything wrong with her & that you need to loosen up.

Of course, if you are anything like me then avoidance of confrontation is how we handle anything & despite many many things we want to say we will of course not :-)

DevilsHeaven said...

It would certainly be the worst case. She has already told me to "Quit being a smartass." I have the e-mail to prove it. So yeah, it would have to come from someone else in order for it to make an impact. I vow next time, I will open my mouth!!!